Weather Care Tips for Palm Trees

The winter reduces the growth of the roots and makes the palm tree prone for diseases to be active and destruction of the trunk. Sometimes in cold weather, the surplus bacteria in the broken roots end up being the reason behind the sprout of the palm tree to die. Sabal palms are known to be all weather compatible. Unlike other palms, their roots can absorb the right amount of water and keep the plants from destruction from insufficient moisture.

Though Sabal Palms South Carolina can resist cold weather, you need to prepare them a littleā€¦

You’ll find so many ways to get your palm tree ready for winter. Several precautionary measures can help reduce harm to your trees through those challenging severe winters. However, you need to tag on to the following tips:

  1. If you’re about to transplant or plant your palm tree, make sure you place it in the right area. When planting the trees decide on a location that receives lots of sunshine and a location that won’t receive much blowing wind such as behind the house or fence or wall or in a sheltered terrace. Palms covered by protective elements are less subjected to the severe winds and chilly damp weather. All you have to do is create foliage that can produce some temperature and you need to do it before the winter gets there.


  2. Mulching your tree with 3″- 6″ of mulch can not only help protect the fine sensitive feeder roots which can be near to the top from freezing. Mulching will also improve and add charm to the appearance of your garden or landscape. It will retain dampness and warmness for the trees reducing the necessity for watering. Fertilization for your tree will be lowered as well, because of the retention of nutrition performed by the mulch. Mulch can help prevent palm trees from germinating, minimizing the necessity for cultivation.
  3. The right fertilization of your trees during late summer months and early rainy season can help encourage and make sure your trees remain strong and healthy through the cold. For best results fertilize in early on fall because dynamic progress of your tree is slow at this time. Early fertilization can make the tree to receive the nutrition from the ground. The surplus nutrition are stored in the root base and be available when necessary for new development after winter has exceeded.
  4. Dealing with your tree with a fungicidal copper squirt helps prevent from disease and bacteria in the leaf area. Fungicidal copper aerosol is incredibly weatherproof; dealing with your palm prior to the cold season can offer protection and prevent them from cold, making sure your tender trees to remain green throughout the year. Sabal Palms South Carolina can resist cold weather, but its advisable to follow these tips for betterment of your palm trees.

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